Lata Rek (Rek Waterfall)

One of several river attractions in Kelantan, Lata Rek is a series of cascading waterfalls, each no more than 20 metres tall, that stretches about 100 metres long. This charming river tends to be on the dry side during the dry season. But it can be quite a sight during the monsoon season which falls between November and February.

The word "cataract" will conjure up a good image of this waterfalls. A river tripping down many tiny steps. The overall height of this waterfall is no more 20 metres but it is over 100 metres wide.

Contrary to the usual damp and humid environment that envelop most waterfalls, this place appears arid. This is typical of the terrain on the eastern coastline, the influence of the strong wind and heavy rain from the South China Sea bring very heavy downpours and extended period of drought, broad and sandy basins are testimonies to this effects.

Because of the shallowness, Lata Rek may not be an ideal place to go swimming. But you will enjoy dipping your feet into its clear, cold waters nevertheless. For those seeling quiet solitude, Lata Rek is the place to go. Located south of Manik Urai, you can also complement your trip here with a stop at Lata Beringin.

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