Kelantan - kuala koh national park

Kuala Koh is the new entry point to Taman Negara on its northern border. This is still a lightly visited area of superb wilderness and pristine rivers flowing down from the mountains of Tahan, Perlis, Penumpu and Gagau. These rivers are lined with giant trees like the tualang and the neram, the fruit of the latter providing food for the kelah, Malaysia's premier river sportfish.

Kuala Koh houses the headquarters of this part of Taman Negara. Chalets and dormitories are available and a small cafe serves local fare upon request. Fishing waters are found as close as 10 minutes boat ride from Kuala Koh. For the more adventurous, camping-cum-fishing packages are available where tent accommodation, meals and fishing guides are provided. This, however, must be arranged well in advance.

Kuala Koh boasts pleasant natural settings and lush rainforest greenery. At the same time, it is equipped with facilties that will make your visit here a comfortable one. It is ideal for nature activities such as jungle-trekking, bird watching, river rafting, fishing and mountain climbing. There are several activities that you can participate in this wildlife nature park.

Bird Watching

More than 200 species of birds can be found in Kuala Koh National Parks and this makes bird watching to be a very rewarding activity in the park especially for a professional and even for an amateur birdwatcher. An experienced birdwatcher may be able to observe more than half the number recorded species within a few days.


The rivers in Kuala Koh National Parks are well known among anglers in being able to provide a memorable angling experience. Nevertheless not all the rivers in the park are open to anglers as some rivers are reserved as spawning grounds for the fish species.


The clean waters of the rivers around Kuala Koh allow tubing activity to be done. Experience the one kilometre tubing activity along Sungai Lebir. This relaxing activity is suitable for team building. Prepare yourself to brace the river rich in flora and fauna on a big tube.


A number of interpretive trails are available around Kuala Koh. Among them is the ‘ficus trail’ located across the river. Visitors need to cross a river via a haggling bridge to get to the trail. Due to the rugged and hilly nature of the trail, only those who are really fit are advised to use the trail. There are also other trails for other visitors who wish to enjoy the natural beauty of Kuala Koh.

Canopy Bridge

The latest attraction in Kuala Koh is the newly completed canopy bridge, which extends to 300 metres long upn on a thick jungle. With five platforms and the highest at 50 metres, the canopy bridge stops at five humongous trees such as Tualang and Meranti Tembaga. Behold the enchanted view of Kuala Koh National Park up above its canopy bridge.

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