Bunga Raya Island Resort

Torn between luxurious beaches and lush jungles, what’s a traveller to do? Two words: Bunga Raya.

Combining the two elements Sabah is mostly famous for—rainforest and island—Bunga Raya Island Resort & Spa serves as the best destination for those wanting the best of both natural worlds. This resort’s rustic spirit makes the experience a lot like a visit to some epic fantasy kampong.

Bask in some sun-fun on the beach and have a warm dip in the sparkling azure water. The excellent water visibility also makes it perfect for snorkelling. In the evening, play a game of beach volleyball with other guests or simply lie on your beach towel with a good book. Those seeking for more challenging adventures will have a swell time kayaking, scuba diving and jet skiing.

Had enough of soaking in brine? Chill out by lounging at the sun deck or do a few laps in the gorgeous infinity pool. Alternatively, spice up your escapade by doing some jungle trekking to explore the verdant beauty beyond the beach.

For some TLC and personal pampering, hike up to Solace Spa and enjoy some serious decompression. If you think a massage on a tropical beach is passé, get novelty-stoked by having your treatment at this jungle-themed spa—the first of its kind in Sabah. Otherwise, you can still request for a soothing massage on the beach or at the pavilion overlooking the sea.

A fabulous place is nothing without fabulous food—and Bunga Raya has it too. The Koi Restaurant is apt for a romantic dinner for two as well as other formal events. Should you prefer a more laid-back and casual dining experience, head to Pantai Grill by the beach and order a plate of finger food with chilled fruit punch or soda. Ultimate bliss!


  1. it's such a nice place to visit.. i like the view of this place. Spring Hills Resort is a best place to visit and relax in Capiz.

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  2. xde negeri terengganu ke? huhu..