Bagan Lalang

Bagan Lalang is a beach destination near Sungai Pelek town in Sepang district, about 60km from Kuala Lumpur. Once a quiet fishing village, the Sepang Gold Coast integrated resort development has transformed the area into a booming holiday retreat; the Golden Palm Tree Sea Villas the first of a series of luxury hotel and apartment projects. Meanwhile, international visitors transiting at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) 30km away have a convenient spot for a quick sojourn as they await the next flight out. Finally, sunny weather, calm sea, beautiful scenery and easy access from KL enhances the travel appeal to this tropical getaway.
On weekends, the beach is a busy mess of friends, families and couples engaging in picnics, kite-flying, boating and other recreational activities. In tandem with tourist growth, numerous hakwer stalls and restaurants have mushroomed along the shore, offering local delicacies of 'Ikan Bakar' (traditional grilled fish'), 'Satay' (barbequed meat kebabs), and exciting seafood dishes. For visitors who can't afford a stay at
Sepang Gold Coast, several budget hotels can be found along the beach, mostly training resorts that cater for large groups. Even within this range, you can find comfortable rooms with modern facilities at higher rates, or pick absolutely basic accommodation with more beds than towels. Beyond Bagan Lalang, there are further places of interest not too far away, such as; Tanjung Sepat, a fishing town renowned for seafood; Morib, an alternative beachside destination; and Jugra, a historical town that was once the royal capital of Selangor.
The weather is mostly sunny throught the year, but with the heaviest rainfall occuring during the northeast monsoon, from September to December. The sea is quite safe to swim in, as long as you watch the tide and keep track of time. Low tide begins in morning; the sea recedes slowly until noon, when wide stretches of mudflats reveal themselves along the beach. Towards early evening, the waters begin drawing back progressively, until high tide commences in full swing just before dark. As Bagan Lalang is still part of a traditional fishing community, the resident locals (including hawker stall operator and traders) have a backwater mentality and strange mindsets, though facets of it have improved thanks to tourism.

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