Ulu Yam - Selangor

Recently I went to Ulu Yam, in Selangor. It is a very beautiful place especially if you like nature. Ulu Yam is located very near from the town, about 30-45 minutes drive from Kuala Lumpur only. It is located near to Batu Caves.

I heard a lots about Ulu Yam previously but I haven’t had any chances to visit this place. This is the first time I visit this place and it is worth visit (btw, I am a person that like nature, trees, waterfall, and greenaries)

There are a Dam in Ulu Yam. The dam is Batu Dam, a very beautiful place where you can sit down and watch amazing scenery. Here, you will feel the like you are at a beautiful ocean, where there are lots of water, surround by hilly and green scenary.

Other than the Batu Dam, Ulu Yam also a home of lots of crystal clear water fall which you can take a bath. It is a very good place to relax, picnic, conduct team meeting/team building, camping or even study natures.

How to go there

Well, I think there are not many option if you want to visit this place. It is either you drive your own car or hire a taxi or take a tour package. Ulu yam is a place that only jungle and not many people that stay near this place. The road that passed this area will go further until the hilly area up to Genting Highland.

What can you/do when you visit this place

well, other than bathing, relaxing or other activities that I share ealier. There are some other interesting activities that you can see at this area. One of the activities that, at some place, you can see lots of people sit on the roadside… no their are not begger, they actually go there to take the minerals water that flow from the mountain in the area… sometimes there are lots of people and they need to queue up and take turn to fill the water into their water container that they bring.

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