Pahang - Cherating Beach

The old Cherating Village has a blend of the modern and traditional. A stretch of road about 1km long runs parallel to the beach, dotted with charming and comfortable chalets, many of which face the beach front. Cherating has the perfect combination of great surf, a wide stretch of white-sandy beach, a wealth of accommodation, dining choices and a classic surfers' nightlife scene. Surfers linger for days and even months in this small enclave to catch the best waves and chill out with fellow surfers, exchanging the day's conquests at one of the chic bistros or bars.

In fact, "Surfers' Haven" has long been the description of old Cherating Village since the 70's. Each year, surfers from around the world return to Cherating to test out the surf and catch up with local acquaintances. Cherating beach is immaculate and breath-taking. So much so that Club Med decided to build its first Asian base right here. And surfers take the opportunity to have local friends take them through some of the most charming rural villages along the coast and soak in the gorgeous scenery along the way.

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